Professional Photographer Headshots, Portrait and Product Photography


Peter has been shooting photography all his adult life. He has been shooting full time business and commercial photography for the last 10 years.  Business and advertising photography is all Peter shoots. His goal is to present your present your people, your company and your products in ways to help retain and attract new clients for your business. Peter’s photography is used to market a wide range of products, services and people around the country. In the new world of internet marketing, it’s vital to have strong images that draw clients attention to products and in many cases the quality of people working for your organization. For the last eight years, Peter’s talent for working with people, his understanding of photographic lighting and composition have allowed him to provide first class advertising photography for his clients.  Peter specializes in the kind of images that inform the viewer about the quality of the people making up your business.

Advertising Photography for your Business and Headshots for your Executives

Most of the time we shoot with real employees, if you look at these images you’ll see they are regular employees just like yours. There are very few models here. Given the time to relax in front of the camera, your own people make great subjects for marketing images. The reason is simple, the pride your employees have in their work shows through in an image, that’s something a model can’t create. Our pricing is simple, we have one flat day rate for everything we do. Give Peter a call, he will help you plan your project and shoot marketing photography specifically tailored to your business. Peter’s day rate often works to his client’s advantage. For example, Peter can shoot up to 12 executive headshots in a day’s shoot spending a half an hour with each of  your executives, giving them the time they need to relax in front of the camera. He’ll let each subject review their own images as he progress, making sure they are happy with what they have. He’ll provide the images the next day via Dropbox. His day rate includes editing one headshot per person. Call for his day rate – it’s very reasonable. Call Peter to see how he can provide photography for your business and help your staff and services stay fresh in your clients minds. 410 507-5503.

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