Peter Cane is a Washington DC based Professional Photographer Call (410) 507-5503


We shoot portraits, headshots, advertising and commercial photography for our clients in Washington DC. Our photography is used to sell a diverse range of services, products and most importantly, people. In this new world of internet marketing it’s vital to have strong images which draw your clients attention to products and people. Whether you need headshots, marketing or product images, call us, we can help. For the last 8 years, Peter has provided Washington DC’s businesses with some of the finest business portrait and advertising photography available. Peter’s talent with people, lighting and composition allows him to provide advertising photography taylored to employees and executives within their company’s business environment. When it comes to marketing images, you’ll obviously want to present your employees as capable of solving client problems, looking competent, happy and ready to lend a hand to get the job done. Your images have to inform the client about the quality of the people making up your business.

We shoot with real employees most of the time, if you look at these images you’ll see they are people from companies just like yours. Your own people can make great subjects for marketing images and the reason is simple. The pride your employees have in their work shows through, that’s something a model can’t really re-create. Pride is a powerful thing in a marketing image. It’s the reason why these images work so well as advertising images. We’ll shoot on your schedule, booking by the day to provide all the marketing images you need. We can also shoot both product and people in the same day, depending on the needs of the shoot. Whether you need environmental portraits, headshots, product photography or mix of all three, when you are ready to take your company’s marketing to the next level, call us for your next advertising campaign. 410 507 5503