Professional Washington DC Photographer, Portrait and Product Photography


Peter shoots business and commercial photography in Washington D.C. He shoots for both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses, presenting companies and people in ways that attract new business clients. Strong photographic images for the products and people in your organization are an important part of marketing your business. Peter’s photography helps support photographic marketing efforts for a wide range of products, services and people around the country.

Photography for your people.

Looking at the people in these images you might be surprised to know all but one are regular employees just like yours. Actual employees make great subjects for marketing images because we make them feel comfortable, we use the right lighting and we shoot with professional equipment. Give Peter a call, he will help you plan your project and shoot photography specifically tailored to your business.

Peter’s photographic fees are pretty straight forward. He charges a flat rate for a six hour day. There are no extra usage fees applied. The images are yours to use as long as you want, in any media you desire. Use them on the side of a bus if you want, there is no extra charge.

Peter’s day rate fee works out well for his clients. Peter shows up at your facility and can shoot for example, head shots, marketing and product photography, all on the same day.

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