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Peter Cane is a Washington DC and Baltimore based professional photographer providing commercial corporate product, portrait and advertising photography. Within these categories he shoots a wide range of headshots, product photography, and interior and exterior architecture photography. Having worked full time as a professional photographer for the last eight years, Peter has a talent for marketing images and specializes in business portrait and advertising photography. Peter’s talent at lighting and composition allows him to provide clients with extraordinary advertising images that highlight employees working within their own company environment. In this world of internet media and social marketing, it’s vital to have strong marketing images that your clients and potential clients can relate too. Clients want to feel they’ll’ work with someone capable of solving their problems, in other words, they want to work with people who look competent, happy and ready to lend a hand to get the job done. These are the kinds of images we shoot, using your very own people. Believe me, regardless of what you may think, we can do it. Images like the ones you see here inform potential clients about the quality of your employee base. There are very few models on these pages, almost all the images are of real people from real businesses just like yours. The truth is real employees, given time to relax time make great subjects, more importantly the pride your employees have in their work transmits through an image to potential clients in a way model images never can. Pride is a powerful thing in a marketing image, it’s why these pictures work so well as marketing and advertising images.

We also shoot corporate and advertising photography using the latest software, camera and lighting equipment. We shoot on your schedule, booking for the day to provide all the marketing images you need. We can shoot both product and people in the same day, depending on the extent of the shoot.  Whether you need environmental portraits, headshots, product photography or mix of all three,  when you want to take your company’s marketing to the next level,  call us and let us show you what we can for your next advertising campaign.